About Us

Nway Oo Heroes is established in tribute to the heroes against the violent crackdown during Myanmar’s 2021 Spring Revolution. The Nway Oo Heroes trust fund is a sustainable arrangement to organise the outpouring of support for the bereft families of the Fallen Heroes and all other heroes of Spring revolution.

Our nation owes a big debt to all the Nway Oo Heroes that we can never fully repay.


How will NOH Support?

Continuous and sustainable support!

The Nway Oo Trust aims to provide not just a one-off support but periodic financial support to cope with grief, help supplement the lost wages and cover educational or healthcare needs of the remaining family members. At the time of establishment, the target monthly support is about two lakhs Myanmar Kyat (c. $142) - the amount and the duration of the support is to be adjusted based on the identified gaps and needs, available funding and inflationary impacts. A pocket of the Trust shall be dedicated to the educational needs of the children of the Fallen Heroes. The trust will also support to the surviving heroes and other Spring Heroes based on their needs. 


Sustainable Support

To provide support to all the Spring Heroes sustainably

Trusted Bridge

To bridge a trusted source of funding platform between donors and the families of Fallen Heroes

For All the Heroes

To commemorate the memories and spirits of the fallen heroes and surviving heroes

Our Programs

Fallen Heroes Family Support Funds

Our fund aims to assist the heroes for long-term regarding with education, life continuity support, reestablishing in community and other necessary supports by monthly aids.

Nway Oo Heroes Hospital Aids

There are many Nway Oo Heroes who got hit by the military junta and are in critical conditions. We are reserving some funds to bring in the aids at the hospitals.

Support to all Nway Oo Heroes

There are many things needed for Nway Oo Heroes in the front line. We will explore options for the safety and well-being of heroes and support them based on their needs.